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Ways to Stay Cool in Your Home Without A/C

Summer’s can be rough if you are not fortunate enough to live in an air-conditioned home. If you are one of those people, you looking for some ways to beat the extreme heat that we have been seeing across the Midwest/east coast.

Here are some ideas on how to cool down your home to avoid overheating during these hot, humid days.

  1. Cover your furniture
    A great way to make your furniture more comfortable is to cover it with smooth, light-colored fabric.  Put a smooth light-colored fabric on your couch. Cover your pillows with satin pillow cases. You want a cool surface against your skin – not cozy knits.
  2. Hang out in your basement (or lowest level of your home)
    Plan activities that take place in the lower level of your home, even if it’s just hanging out or reading. Warm air rises so your coolest place is going to be on the lowest level, closest to the ground.
  3. Suck up cooler air with a fan
    Set up a portable fan so that it sucks up the cooler air from the floor below and blows the hot air towards the ceiling. Another great idea is to purchase a window fan. These usually have inside and outside air exchanges so you can control the direction the air blows. You can also turn on the vent fan on your stove to draw hot air up out of the house.
  4. Close your blinds and curtains
    Block the sun’s heat during the day but keeping all of your blinds and curtains closed. When it cools down at night, open up your windows to let some of the cooler air into your home.
  5. Turn off all sources of heat.
    Try not to use your stove or oven to cook food. Make a cool, crisp salad or a hearty sandwich. Even the microwave can throw off heat so it’s good to try to use that minimally as well. Make sure to turn off your lamps, tv and computer when you’re not using it. You should even unplug your power adapters, as some give off heat as well.

I hope you are all staying cool and that these tips will help you do so. We are supposed to be able to relax and enjoy being in our home, not sweating to

Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!



Attleboro Farmers’ Marketing Looking for Vendors

The City Council is getting the ball rolling for the Attleboro Farmers’ Market which will kick off in July.

There are already been much planning and preparation and now they are seeking more vendors. They need a commitment of 20 vendors each week.
The council is encouraging residents who have a surplus from their gardents to sell what they have grown as well as the people who can and bake items to
contact the organizers.

Every Saturday they will have entertainment to make the market even more enjoyable for kids and adults alike. The local YMCA will be demonstrating some of their new programs and there will be yoka in the park and dancing on the grass.

The Attleboro Farmers’ Market will be available to residents each Saturday beginning July 2 through Oct. 29, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Saturday.


Tips for Tornado Recovery

With the crazy tornadoes we just saw sweep through our area this week, I wanted to pass along some tips from Allstate Insurance.

As an expert in dealing with natural disasters, Allstate encourages consumers to follow the below steps when checking their homes for hidden damage:

• After wind or earth movement events you should look for wall cracks in spots where you didn’t have cracks before. Cracks of a quarter inch or more are signs your walls may have shifted or settled. Look carefully around windows and doors because these are typically the weakest spots in your construction.

• Make sure to closely check rooms you don’t usually use.

• Look for cracks or signs of lifting in your foundation. Look outside for physically visible, new cracks in your home’s foundation. Look inside for changes in the levelness of your floors. Changes in the level of your floor could be signs of a lift in the home’s foundation.

• Inspect your plumbing. Look closely around your water heater and or water softener for signs of water leaks that did not exist before. Flush all your toilets, turn on all your water faucets, and check connecting pipes for leaking water.

• In the days or weeks after a tornado, check walls and ceilings for water stains or yellowing that could be signs of unseen damage on your roof.

• Carefully inspect your outside gutters. Damaged gutters could cause water damage inside your home long after the actual gutter damage occurs.

If your home shows signs of hidden damage and needs repair, Allstate strongly encourages homeowners to be extremely cautious when hiring contractors. Unscrupulous contractors may take advantage of people who have experienced a catastrophic event.


I hope these help!



Vote to Bring Cancer Support to Our Community!

There is one week left to vote for the Attleboro Y to bring the cancer survivor fitness program to survivors in our community. Vote every day from now until May 31! Click HERE to vote now.

Cancer is a life-changing disease that takes a tremendous physical and emotional toll on those affected. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a physical activity and well-being program designed to help adult cancer survivors achieve their holistic health goals. Participants work with Y staff trained in supportive cancer care to safely achieve their goals such as building muscle mass and strength; increasing flexibility and endurance; and improving confidence and self-esteem. By focusing on the whole person and not the disease, LIVESTRONGat the YMCA helps people move beyond cancer in spirit, mind and body.

For this program, regions with the most votes will be funded. A vote for any of the YMCA applicants below will count toward the region’s total.



Dunkin Donuts has Challenged Attleboro!

We all love a great Fourth of July but the money to plan it doesn’t come from thin air. It takes a lot of time, effort, and funding for the city to put on a fun Fourth of July celebration.

Dunkin Donuts has once again pledged $10,000 if the city matches it through private contributions. The establishment has been doing this for years to pay for the city’s annual Fourth of July fireworks.

City employees and elected officials set up collection sites to solicit cash to match the pledge and every year have been successful and met the challenge. The show cost about $38,000 per year so the private contributions are really necessary for the show to go on.

According to an article in The Sun Chronicle, city officials say they have raised $6,000 so far this year. Therefore, another $4,000 is needed to meet the challenge. Once the challenge has been met, much more is still needed to fully fund the event.

If you would like to help the city complete this challenge and make a donation, make a check payable to Attleboro Fireworks Fund.

Mail to the address below:

Attleboro Fireworks Fund
C/O Mayor’s Office
City Hall
77 Park Street
Attleboro, MA 02703


If Your Goal is to Buy Low, Buy Now

There is a very famous saying which asserts “Sell High, Buy Low”. It is obviously great advice no matter what the investment. Below is a graph showing the cycle of investments. It shows the points of maximum risk and maximum opportunity when purchasing. We want to sell high (point of maximum risk) and buy low (point of maximum opportunity).

The challenge is how to determine when we have hit bottom if you are a purchaser. The only time you can guarantee a bottom is after you pass it.

However, there is more and more evidence that the COST of a home has in fact hit bottom. Notice we have used the word COST. Unless you are an all cash buyer, you must take into consideration the expense of financing a property to determine the true cost of purchasing the home. Interest rates have increased over the last quarter; and the rise in rates has counteracted any fall in prices.

When is the best time to buy a home? When is the opportunity right?

Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say you were going to take out a $200,000 30-year-fixed-rate mortgage in November of 2010. At that time, interest rates were 4.17% (as per Freddie Mac). Your principle and interest payment would have come to $974.54. According to the most recent report from Case Shiller house prices fell 3.9% in the 4th quarter of 2010. The most recent report from the Federal Housing Finance Agency shows a 0.8% fall in prices. Let’s use the larger percentage decrease: 3.9%.

For the sake of keeping the math simple, we will now say you can get the same house with a $192,000 mortgage (4% discount from November price). Interest rates are now 4.95% (as per Freddie Mac).

Your principle and interest payment would now be $1,067.54.

By waiting to pay less for the PRICE of the house, the COST increased $93 a month. That adds up to $1,116 a year and over $33,000 over the life of the loan.

We realize that there are other things to consider (ex. the mortgage tax deduction, etc.). This example is just a simple way to show that there is a difference between COST and PRICE.

Bottom Line
If you want to buy low, buy now. It appears COST has hit its lowest point.

Cheryl Walsh
C. Walsh Realty

Search for Homes in North Attleboro, Attleboro and the Attleboro areas.

Housing Price Conspiracy??

North Attleboro Real Estate prices. Cheryl Walsh, North Attelboro real estate agent, real estate homes for sale.We believe that things are usually as they seem. We are not the type of organization that believes in conspiracies. However, there is something interesting in some of the housing price studies we are seeing in our research. It seems that some of the groups making the predictions are the same ones that have the greatest power to affect the prices they are projecting.

Most housing analysts warn that the heaviest downward pressure on prices will be created by distressed properties and the speed at which they will be released to the market. Research shows that ‘short sales’ sell at a 20% discount and foreclosures sell at a whopping 40% discount. Obviously, when and how much discounted real estate enters the market will have a major impact on prices of surrounding properties.

Back to our research:
We are now seeing that a certain segment of those projecting future pricing have two things in common:

– They believe prices will fall rather dramatically in the first half of 2011
– They have control of the flow of discounted properties to the market
– Predictions for the first half of 2011 by firms that fall in the above category:

Bank of America projects that prices will fall 3.7%
Fannie Mae predicts that median prices will drop $12,500
Wells Fargo reported that they feel home prices will drop 8%
Not a coincidence.

We are beginning to realize this is not a coincidence. The organizations which should best know when the surge of foreclosures will be released are saying house prices will be hit the hardest in the first half of the year. We are not asserting that there is anything devious in what we have found. We are just reporting that those who have control over the flow of distressed properties must think/know that inventory is about to be released. Why else would so many of them be predicting a sharp decline in home values in the next 120 days?

Bottom Line
If you currently have your house on the market and are hoping that you will see a better price after the snow melts or the temperature warms up (aka Spring), BE CAREFUL! Those in the know are warning you the best price might be attained TODAY! 

Note from North Attelboro Real Estate Experts:
These reports are very helpful but not necessarily the way the market will develop for you. You should always consult an expert before moving ahead with anything like this! 

Cheryl Walsh
C. Walsh Realty
C. Walsh Construction, Inc.
Cheryl @
Direct:  508.695.3500 X 201

by The KCM Crew on January 12, 2011