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What’s Your Dream Home?

Do you know exactly what your dream home is? With so many homes for sale across the county, how does one decide what is the ideal home for them?

There was a great idea posted by that I wanted to share with you. Develop a wish list! Creating a wish list will be your first step to finding a home that meets all your wants and desires.

Use these 10 categories to help you figure out your dream home:

1. Fixer-upper vs. Move-in ready: Be sure to sit down and consider what you want homeownership to mean for you.

2. Location: Is it important to be near the hustle and bustle, or away from it?

3. Schools: Be sure to research school districts before starting your home search.

4. Architectural Style: Page through magazines, do searches online, and read up in architectural books to decide on what style of home best fits your aesthetic.

5. Upgrades: There are certain upgrades that buyers desire. Make a list of what upgrades you would most like to see in your dream home.

6. Interior Styling: By having in mind the type of interior you most desire, you can cut out homes that will be too much work.

7. Great Yard Expectations: Be sure to contemplate on what best fits your lifestyle. Yard or no yard?

8. Old vs. New: Old homes can carry a lot of charm, but they can also require hefty maintenance. New homes are not maintenance free, but they may come with certain warranties from the builder to protect you for a few years down the road.

9. To Garage or Not Garage: Detached garages are perfect for homeowners who work on noisy or smelly projects. Other buyers prefer to have a warm walk from the kitchen to their car each morning. What works best for your lifestyle?

10. Detached or Attached: Single-family detached, condo, or income property?

You’re never going to get EVERYTHING you want unless you build a home so don’t expect to. However, by making a wish list, you will be guiding in the right direction.