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Summerize Your Home with These Great Decor Tips!

Now that we are all in the groove of summer, it’s time to take a look at our home décor. I always like to change up my decorations and themes for the season and now that the fruit is ripe and the flowers are blossoming, the time is now. gave some great ideas on how to bring the fresh look of summer into your home. We don’t all have the luxury of relaxing at the beach house so let’s brighten up our home instead!

Here are the easy changes suggested to “summerize” your home:

·        Take out any dark accessories
Lets stash away the fleece throws and wool covers that have kept us warm and cozy during the winter months. These are dark and heavy and that’s not what the appeal we want our home to have in the summer.

·        Choose a fresh color scheme
Brighten up your walls by choosing a yellow, orange or light blue to bring those fresh hues out throughout your home

·        Bringin fresh plants
Stop trying to revive the winter plants that are brown and droopy. Go pick up some fresh, bright blooming indoor plants and set them throughout your house.

·        Freshen the look up an upholstered seat
Sew a simple slipcover for your dining room chairs to bring that bright cheery feel to the dinner table.

·        Bring in the white
Add white wherever you can all throughout your home. It will brighten your entire place giving it a whole new feel. Curtains, trims, paint, flowers, anything!

·        Summer wall and standing decor
Frame some simple botanical prints or landscapes and hang them throughout your home and set them up on a bookshelf and table top.

·        Go all natural and casual
Nothing says summer like natural finishes on casual décor and furniture. Use wicker, bamboo, cast iron, or painted white garden furniture in place of heavyupholstered pieces. Add colorful pillows for a nice touch.

·        Recharge your fireplace
Remove the dried/burned logs from your fireplace and replace them with a beautiful fountain. Replace your brass fire screen with painted hinged shuttersor a piece of rusted, painted iron gate.

·        Raid the flea markets
Shop at flea markets and garage sales for garden ornaments, flowery dinnerware, and other accessories to add to your summer decor.

·        Choose a summer theme
Whether it be flowers, tropical, beach or fruits, choose one theme and decorate around it. Have a focus and stick with it!

I hope these great suggestions help you “summerize” your home!