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Don’t just let anyone come into your home to clean!

Be careful with who you hire to clean your home!

A self-employed house cleaner from Mansfield was charged with stealing tens of thousands of dollars of jewelry, cash, clothes and household items from two Mansfield customers.

The woman was freed on $500 cash bail after her arraignment today.

Maria C. Oliveira admitted to the thefts taking place over a 19-month period before one of the customers noticed jewelry missing.

After hearing this story and ready about it in The Sun Chronicle I wanted to a few things with you.

It’s always great to have someone to clean up your messes but we need to be careful with who we let into our homes!

When you are getting ready to sell your home or just moving into a new one, we all want that fresh deep clean and sometimes it just seems easier to hire the work to be done.

Please be careful with who you let into your home and make sure to do a full screening beforehand!

You don’t want your valuables missing right before leaving/entering an old/new home!